Safety First

Over the past months, we have contemplated every detail of our restaurant operations through the lens of safeguarding the health of our guests and staff, and our management teams have worked diligently to create a detailed re-opening process. Upon news of the lockdown in March, we established an in-house COVID-19 task force to ensure that we meet or exceed all guidelines set by the LA County Health Department.

We have listed below the many additional new practices and protocols we have implemented; most involve expanded cleaning and sanitization processes or new procedures to adhere to social distancing protocols, as outlined by the CDC and City of Los Angeles Restaurants Reopening Guide. As more information becomes available, we will continue to adapt our operations to ensure the safety of our guests and staff. Additionally, should the need arise, we have developed protocols for emergency shut-down procedures for our restaurants. As always, the health and well-being of our guests and staff is our first priority.
Our Team:
  • Must undergo a brief health screening before the start of each shift, and anyone who is experiencing any virus-like symptoms will not be allowed to work
  • Must wear masks and gloves, at all times
  • Per the Health Department directive, members of our staff are required to face shields in addition to masks and gloves
  • Will receive expanded sick leave benefits through our Emergency Sick Leave program if exhibiting virus-like symptoms, in addition to any existing sick leave benefits
  • Must sanitize and/or thoroughly wash their hands each time they change gloves, every time they touch cash or a credit card, and at least every 15 minutes throughout their shift
Our guests:
  • Are encouraged to check in for seating remotely through our website (a check-in button can be found on each location’s page) or by scanning the QR code posted at each restaurant. We will send a text to confirm that you are in line, along with a link that can be used to check your place in line. Once your table is ready, we’ll send a second text, asking you to return to the restaurant within 5 minutes to be seated.
  • Are required to wear face-coverings in our dining room at all times when not seated
  • Must abide by ground markings at the entry and outside of our restaurants to adhere to social distancing protocols
  • Must provide the name and telephone number for one person in their party, as recommended by LA County’s reopening guidelines
  • Will be directed to their table rather than seated by the host
  • Are encouraged to place pick-up orders through the PostMates or UOVO Mobile app rather than placing them with the host at the restaurant
Our dining rooms:
  • Have reduced seating – and detailed seating plans – to allow for social distancing between parties as required by the health department
  • Are equipped with energy-efficient HVAC systems operating to the maximum extent possible and ventilation has been increased. In addition, we are installing UV-C lights added to our HVAC evaporator coils and in our bathroom’s “Upper Air.”
  • Abide by new protocols to reduce contact between guests and staff throughout the dining experience
  • Have hand sanitizer stations available for staff and guests
  • Provide guests with single-use paper menus
  • Provide contactless to-go and delivery order pick-ups
Enhanced sanitization practices in our restaurants:
  • Thorough disinfection of tables and seating areas between guests and between seatings
  • Increased and regular sanitization throughout the day of high-contact points, such as doors and faucets
  • Additional sanitization of the entire restaurant implemented at the end of each night
  • Disinfection of iPad screens used by staff at least once every 15 minutes
  • More frequent sanitization of bathrooms